Fixed Airplay Not Working,Trouble with Screen Mirroring After iOS 16 Update

Tick the “Optimized video sharing” option when sharing. It happens when both of your devices are not connected to the same internet. Apple has made airplay only workable for the device having the same internet connection to secure their user’s data. Screen Mirroring app will enable you to connect your device with Zoom and share data according to your requirements. This software will create a bridge between Zoom client and room to make a sure strong connection. You can also display and share your screen, and anything that will be visible to everyone in the chat.
You can check for software updates by following the listed steps. Originally bought the newest LG OLED tv $800 more than samsung. Worked for days with apple and Lg support to see why airplay would not work, even had a tech to the house to figure it out. Returned tv figuring it was faulty and bought the samsung QLED8 and the same problem. I do have a LG OLED smaller tv in my home and it worked when I bought the biggest one on 2nd floor of house it didnt.
Uninstalling any apps that do a similar thing to AirPlay could work. Apps like Duet that do the same thing, often interfere. If two devices are trying to AirPlay at once, this will cause problems.
Now, set up your TV and try connecting to the Airplay again. The LG TV may not be connected to the same wifi network as the device trying to stream. There may be sites and/or apps that do not work very well with AirPlay.
Otherwise, you might also see if just resetting the network can restore the connection to good working order. We will address these issues in our article below. As with any wireless technology, AirPlay is subject to a few issues from time to time. Some users might wonder why their AirPlay connection keeps dropping, or why the media they are trying to play pauses or freezes up in the middle of streaming. In most of cases, “AirPlay not working” error is internet-related or temporary issue, which can be solved by rebooting or refreshing devices.
We hope the fixes will help you to resolve the Airplay unable to connect problem. Let us know which solution worked for you for fixing Airplay unable to connect to apple TV. If you want to project a video from an iPhone to your TV or view YouTube on a bigger screen, AirPlay, Apple’s casting function, will let you accomplish so.
Check all of your devices to make sure that the ones you are using are operating on the latest version of the operating system. You may find that AirPlay functions more smoothly if you switch to a 2.4 Ghz connection. This fix assumes that you’re running it on a 5 Ghz connection instead.
AirPlay will not work properly for varied reasons. You shall place both devices to each other to stream titles with better-quality of sound and video. Ensure that both of your devices are connected to the same WIFI network. Uncheck Block all incoming connections and select OK.
To update your Samsung TV, go to the Settings menu, click on Support, select Software Update, and choose to Update Now. If it’s already enabled, try to turn it off, then turn it back on to see if it helps the functionality work. While AirPlay is typically enabled by default, your TV may have it disabled, especially if you have recently reset your TV. Compare this to the indicator of where your device is connected to.