Genius School Fundraising Ideas That Are Fun, Fast and Easy To Manage fundraiser companies for schools

Fundraising events, donations, and raising money for good causes can help keep a school budget afloat. From read-a-thons and karaoke to Christmas events and sponsored silences, there are lots of fun ways of easy fundraising in the school year to raise money.

One headteacher even took part in the Great North Run just to raise money for school visits for children at his school. Dave Shaw at Spire Junior School in Chesterfield has already had to lose one teacher and one teaching assistant, he is teaching part-time himself and his deputy is teaching full time so they can save money.

The thing is, this is not uncommon. Teaching staff always go the extra mile to find extra pennies and raise funds needed for their school. Fairs, fetes, tombolas, talent shows, battle of the bands, fancy dress, and non-uniform days have become the bread and butter for schools looking to raise money and hit fundraising targets. fundraiser companies for schools

That’s why we’ve put together our top list of school fundraising ideas to raise money more effectively (and have fun while doing it)!

Notes on fundraising in schools

These school fundraising ideas have been brought together with primary schools in mind but many of them are equally suitable for high schools. As with all fundraising efforts in school, it’s important that all stakeholders know who’s responsible for which aspect of fundraising and what the fundraising goals actually are.

If your parental engagement is high and you have an active Parent Teacher Association, please communicate with them at every stage.

You’ll often find that there’s a member of the school PTA who’s either trained or just naturally adept at fundraising or grant applications and it makes sense to use their skills.

When it comes to school fundraising, parents, governors, teachers, Senior Leadership Team, we really are all in this together.

25 best school fundraising ideas

  • Primary school crowdfunding
  • Community grants for primary schools
  • Make use of free information that’s out there on primary budgets
  • ‘Grants 4 School’
  • In-kind donations for your KS1 & KS2 pupils
  • Primary school ‘Amazon Affiliates’
  • Click and fundraise
  • Primary school lottery
  • Teacher baby photo competition
  • Book fundraising in your school
  • Franchise your primary school
  • Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Cake bake sales
  • Primary school bingo night
  • Primary quiz night
  • Bollywood ball for primary pupils/parents
  • Don’t neglect to recycle primary school supplies
  • Buy a primary school brick
  • Local scarecrow trail
  • Online auction
  • Primary school car wash
  • Key Stage 2 sleepover
  • Primary school spelling bee
  • Wine tasting
  • Race night
  • Primary school circus